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Lisa Klewicki, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
450 W. Broad Street, Suite 211
Falls Church, VA 22046
Tel: (571) 277-4919

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Fountain of Life, LLC  -  Mission Statement

Fountain of Life ministries seeks to aid the Church and society by building up individuals and families to realize and use their God-given abilities. It will accomplish this by addressing the whole person, physically, psychologically, and spiritually through:

1. Psychotherapy to heal the psyche.
2. Psychological assessment to determine individuals strengths and weaknesses.
3. Guidance on incorporating their psychological needs into their spiritual direction.
4. Educational and inspirational talks designed to help people integrate the truth about themselves and creation into their lives in a practical way.

Dr. Lisa Klewicki is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has degrees in Psychology and Theology. She integrates the Catholic faith with sound psychology to provide psychotherapy, consultations, and assessments.

She also addresses both lay and academic audiences through various types of speaking engagements.

Dr. Klewicki speaks on such topics as intimacy, relationships, marriage, family, mental health and women's issues from a Catholic perspective. For more information on these topics, click on the speaking topics link at the top of the page. The upcoming events will list the current speaking locations and topics.

Dr. Lisa's CD's are free to download by clicking free mp3 files

For inquiries about the services listed on this website please contact her at

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